Politicians Practicing Social Media: Are They Doing it Right?

From Hillary Clinton to Anthony Weiner… we have a very wide range of politicians who are getting the Social Media game right, to those who are using and abusing the system. Social Media is an effective and economical way for politicians to self-promote, connect with others and create a community of followers.

If politicians do social media well and they do it right, they are able to market themselves on many different platforms, which will increase their media exposure and make them available to a wider variety of people. The demographics of social media are changing; what was once thought to be a millennials world is quickly expanding to people of all ages. With more people than ever joining and using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; politicians would be doing themselves and their community followers a disservice to not utilize these sites.

Social media isn’t just a way to connect with friends; it has become an instant news distribution source and a place where political movements explode. In April, a U.S. woman heard about the tragedy in Nigeria where 300 young girls were kidnapped from their school. She wanted to fly to Nigeria, but with young children at home she had to devise a better and safer plan, so she turned to social media. She created a Facebook page that now has over 216,000 likes, and began tweeting #BringBackOurGirls, which was a tweet that originated in Nigeria and gained unbelievable traction in the US over the next few weeks. As politicians began taking notice, they started using their voice to share this important issue with their followers. That tweet has now been retweeted over 3.3 million times, by the likes of political powerhouses like our President, the First Lady and Hillary Clinton.

This issue may not have began with politicians, but they truly are the ones who helped it take shape and made it a movement that helped people realize its importance. When politicians use their social media accounts for the greater good of their communities, our country and our world, they become unstoppable, credible and relevant sources that are sure to gain the support of more fans than their Social-Media-less colleagues.

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The Future of Social Media is Terrifyingly Exciting

What will they think of next??? If I knew I probably wouldn’t be sitting at my computer blogging about it, well I might, but I would be surrounded by piles of money. I am not a very futuristic thinker, I am the type of person who almost had a heart attack when my mom told me she was thinking of moving our Christmas tree to a different room one year… I don’t do change. So thinking about where social media will go next and how it will evolve is hard and a little terrifying. Experts have already thought of so much; everyone can be a photographer and moviemaker now, you can connect with someone across the world in seconds, you can follow cats on twitter, you can get news updates as they happen, and so SO much more.

The future of social media is going to have a huge impact on our culture and how companies do business. This prospect is both exciting and overwhelming. I’ll ask the question again WHAT NEXT? As I thought about this futuristic question I started to wonder what that would mean to me as a health professional. As someone who is passionate about health and fitness I started thinking more about holograms and how they can be utilized to help people maintain their health at home. Whether that is acting as a personal trainer, dietician, health counselor or just someone who virtually checks in on someone’s health progress, the possibilities are endless. You may never have to leave your house to go a group fitness class again, you could do it from the comfort of your own living room… just think about that for a minute.

I believe holograms, like the 3D printer sensation are going to change the way health companies do business. I haven’t decided if I believe that taking the human element out of health practices is fiscally or morally responsible, but I will say I think this could be a thrilling and innovative approach to health care. We will all just have to stay tuned to find out what ‘they’ will think of next.

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Did you know you’re walking around with a bulls-eye on your forehead all the time?

Have you ever been looking at an item online and then you start to notice that item popping up in Facebook ads? You may have thought at one time (like I did) “oh my gosh, how crazy!” Turns out, it’s actually not crazy and it’s not a random coincidence, you are just a walking target for advertisements.

We are all walking targets, and marketers delight in that! When we search for things online, that information is used to direct similar ads at us in the future, in order to persuade us to go back to that site and potentially make a purchase. There are advertisements all over the internet, but social media sites like Facebook have only recently started strategically targeting ads towards their consumers.

Does the fact that social media sites have started this trend make it ethical? That’s up for debate. I recently looked for an item on eBay and afterwards went on Facebook. The first thing that popped up was an eBay ad that said “still looking for this?” and it was a picture of the item I had just looked at moments before. At first I felt like my privacy had been invaded, but after careful consideration I didn’t necessarily believe that this marketing practice was wrong or unethical. I know what I search for and what I put on the internet is there forever, it would only make sense that marketers started advertising things that they know I am interested in.

Our world is changing; we live in a social media rich time where online purchases and transactions are becoming the ‘norm’ and if companies and marketers didn’t take advantage of this it would be a waste. My take is that whether we think it is ethical or not… it’s happening, so we had all better smarten up with our internet usage, because you never know who may be watching!

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The customer is always right…right?

Social media has changed the game for both consumers and companies in so many ways. Even in the past ten years we have seen huge growth with companies across every industry beginning to develop a social media presence in order to promote their services and products, while also gaining invaluable information and feedback from their customers. Companies need both positive and negative feedback in order to grow, so they know what’s working and where they need improvement. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook give customers a place to bond with a community, give instant feedback and stay connected with their brand.

A study about Customer Experience Marketing showed that customers expect the same experience throughout every point in their purchase from researching the item, to purchasing, to shipping, to billing, etc. the customer wants the same guaranteed satisfaction at every level of the process. Customers also want the same experience across all social media channels, ie: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, company website, etc. Point being, companies have to offer the best services at all purchasing stages on every social media site in order for their brand to have sustainable success.

Why would a company focus on customer experience marketing through social media sites? Well, for many reasons.

  • It’s fast & it works both ways: Customers have a good/bad experience, companies find out on social media immediately. If the company deals with the problem properly, the situation can be righted, and they have just converted a naysayer into a brand advocate.
  • It’s user-friendly: Social media sites are growing rapidly in popularity, and they are easy to navigate for customers to connect with brands and companies for information, promotions, etc. and it is easy for customers to give instant feedback.
  • S.M. works smarter not harder: Companies who are using social media the right way, have made their efforts cost effective and time efficient. Before social media if a company wanted to get feedback they would normally send out surveys, which is expensive, time consuming and doesn’t always give the best representation of available data.

Have I convinced you that the customer experience can be enhanced through social media? I sure hope so, but if you still need an extra push, check out this great video.


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Your health is calling, pick up the phone!

Health is a red-hot topic in America. In a country with a multitude of growing health concerns and media sources so focused on appearances, its no wonder the health and fitness industry is thriving.

There are many defining characteristics of health industry consumers, because people are motivated to be fit and stay healthy for different reasons. Some of the psychographics of the health and fitness target population are people who…

  • Want to lose weight and get in better shape
  • Want to feel good and look good
  • Think it is important to take preventative action to stay active for as long as possible
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Are motivated to make & sustain fitness/health lifestyle changes
  • Are looking for a healthy and inspiring community to be apart of
  • Are generally up for a challenge & change

Influencers in the health and fitness industry target people of all ages who are looking to get healthy, make changes in their life, find their passion, stay motivated, try new food and fitness trends, and achieve lifelong health and happiness. There are many available media sources that health and fitness companies use in order to share their message and build their brand. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, magazines, television shows and commercials are just some of the social media sites successful companies use to build brand awareness and share their message.

Many health and fitness companies, brands and spokespeople have developed a social media presence in an effort to stay current and relevant in today’s fast paced, media-rich society. Many of these large companies like @WomensHealthMag, @LUNABar, @NBSNewsHealth & @biggestlosernbc have found ways to interact with and involve their customers and not just sell them products. Through their smart use of customer involvement via social media, these companies have boosted their brand awareness and increased traffic on their sites. They have created a community that gets consumers excited about their brand, and this is every company’s marketing dream come true!

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I just sat and did nothing for 30 minutes… and I wasn’t sleeping #SolitudeChallenge

I’m going to be honest with you… that was a little painful. I never just sit and do nothing! If I ever have downtime I am either on my computer, watching TV, or most likely on my phone. I have always had a very active imagination; my parents said I have been like that since a very young age. So this assignment, the Solitude Challenge was honestly scary for me because I never have ANY idea where my brain is going to take me. For my Social Media class we are required to sit for half an hour doing NOTHING and then blog about the experience. Here’s how that went:

I just lay on my bed for half an hour and studied the cracks of my 200-year-old ceiling, traced the pattern on my bedspread, twiddled my fingers, counted some freckles, checked the clock and tried with all my might not to touch my phone. I thought about stressful “what-if” scenarios (I don’t know why I do this…) and imagined my life in 10 years; I always try to picture where I will live, what kind of life I will lead and strangely what my bed will look like. This is a recurring theme in my life; the bed is of utmost importance to me because there is nothing like a comfortable bed. So I appreciated my bed for a long time, I actually got under my covers mid-day which was awesome. I had my window open so I got to listen to all of the country-sounds outside, like my dad mowing the lawn and with the occasional gust of wind heard my curtains blowing softly.

So I lived through the assignment, but the second it was over I picked up my phone to erase the seven emails that had come in during those 30 minutes, and then checked my Instagram and Twitter newsfeeds. Sometimes I wish everyone’s phone would smash and we’d all be forced to look at each other, make eye contact and have meaningful conversations. But the world is changing; we live in the era of social media and that train is not slowing down anytime soon. While I find that frustrating at times it’s also really exciting and has helped me make connections with new people and keep in touch with friends and family in so many ways which has been very enriching. Try the #SolitudeChallenge, and let me know what you think!

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From Jane Fonda to Jillian Michaels: The Evolution of Health & Fitness

While there has been so much growth in the health industry, it seems some things never change. Jane Fonda was one of the pioneers of women’s group exercise which is still widely popular today but practiced in many different ways and settings. Jillian Michaels has been an inspirational and motivational leader in the fitness world who has carried on many of Fonda’s trends.

Michaels has been one of my favorite leaders to watch grow in the fitness industry because she is tough, has the knowledge to back up what she preaches and cares about her clients’ success and happiness. Michaels was overweight as a child and after years of struggling with body issues she found her passion for healthy eating and exercise. She started personal training when she was in college, and gained experience and credibility in the industry. She began as a personal trainer on the acclaimed show NBC’s Biggest Loser in 2004 and has spent 13 seasons helping overweight contestants turn their lives around and find their passion for health.

Michaels’ evolution in the health industry started with television with The Biggest Loser, which turned into her own spinoff Losing it with Jillian, and numerous interviews and television appearances. Michaels has released 15 workout DVDs, hosted a radio talk show, has been releasing a weekly podcast since 2011, and has launched video workouts for Wii and Xbox.

Michaels has not only sustained her success, she has expanded her personal brand, as well as improved the health industry’s image. She has been a positive and motivating industry force who has helped change millions of lives for over a decade and still continues to do so. What Jane Fonda started with her dance aerobics DVDs in the 80’s, and Jillian Michaels carried on with her many platforms have helped grow and evolve the health and fitness industry an unstoppable and influential force.

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