How I Found My Happy in 21 Days


So the title may be a little misleading… I didn’t all of a sudden become blissfully happy in 21 days. But over the past few weeks, I did learn to be more appreciative and thankful of coworkers, my friends and family, and probably most importantly myself.

I say ‘most importantly myself’ because this is a tough one for a lot of people. Self-love is hard and takes practice, and with the Happy in 21 challenge, I practiced it every day for three weeks. The challenge involves writing three positive attributes about yourself, and thanking one person every day in writing. Some days I struggled to find three positive things about myself and other days I had ideas to jot down for the next day. I found that I always had more than enough people to thank each day, which is a truly amazing feeling to know that I am surrounded by such supportive and loving people.

Like I always say, I am striving for happiness and health in everyday life. I didn’t say I found it, but I am always working towards it. This challenge helped me to appreciate what is already ‘there’ and to appreciate the ride along the way. Do I want to be a better runner? Do I want to have a great job in the city someday with my own place? YES! But this doesn’t mean that because I haven’t achieved these goals that I can’t enjoy the path I am on right now.

I don’t have my dream job yet, but I do work with a lot of amazing people who are so kind to me and whom I am so grateful for. Yes, I want my own place in a busy city some day, but right now I live with my parents in our old country house and I need to appreciate that while I have it. I am living rent-free with two people I happen to like a lot, and who feed me pretty darn well… and I am very lucky that they have welcomed me home and been so supportive of where I am in my life right now.

This challenge helped me to put things into perspective. I truly believe that. I am a far more confident person than I was even a year ago and Happy in 21 helped to show me how far I have come. I encourage you to try it because I think you would be surprised at how easy it becomes and how great it makes you feel. Good luck and enjoy the ride!


About Carol On the Run

Hello everyone! Welcome to Carol_ontherun. I am a fitness and health enthusiast striving for happiness in everyday life. I am a Graduate student at Southern New Hampshire University in the Sport Management department. I work as a Research Assistant for the department and for the School of Business Dean’s Office. I have a background in Nutrition and Wellness from the University of New Hampshire. I created this blog to cover some topics in the health industry that I find interesting, influential and potentially controversial. In a country with growing health concerns, it is important to understand that while there is a lot of great health and fitness information available, there is also a lot of misinformation. In this blog I will be covering topics related to fitness, health and wellness and how the media’s influence in our society affects how this information is distributed to consumers. Read on to find out more about social media and it’s influence, and my passion for the health and fitness industry. I promise to deliver factual information in what I hope to be an interesting and potentially humorous manner! "I enjoy running, and spend most of my time running around"
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