Why you shouldn’t just “DREAM BIG”

When thinking about goal setting, the phrase “dream big” comes to mind. Having big aspirations, and things you want to achieve in your life is healthy and is what keeps you moving forward. If you believe something is ‘impossible’ it becomes just that, because if you don’t try, you will never know what could have been. To be successful and achieve your goals you must create a realistic PLAN, and lay out the steps for you to achieve that plan.

When you have big dreams you must create ‘checkpoints’ for yourself that align with your goals. For example if you want to take a trip to see a friend, and you always talk about getting together but you never seem to follow through with the plans because of time off from work and expenses, sit down and start creating your plan to making the trip happen.

Dream Big can also be a dangerous idea because it encourages extravagant goals, which means you might be neglecting the smaller, more attainable ideas. Developing plans that vary in difficulty and the time it will take you to achieve them is the key to success. This way, you don’t put all your eggs in one basket by having one dream that might not come true, but you can still enjoy many other achievements. No matter how small, any goal reached, is an accomplishment.

Creating smaller goals is great practice for your larger life plans and a big confidence booster as well. If your goal is to run a 10k and you create goals along the way like “run 3 days this week” or “run 30 minutes without stopping” and you take the steps (pun intended) to achieve these smaller goals you are well on your way to achieving your overarching goal and you have shown yourself in small ways that you CAN do it.


About Carol On the Run

Hello everyone! Welcome to Carol_ontherun. I am a fitness and health enthusiast striving for happiness in everyday life. I am a Graduate student at Southern New Hampshire University in the Sport Management department. I work as a Research Assistant for the department and for the School of Business Dean’s Office. I have a background in Nutrition and Wellness from the University of New Hampshire. I created this blog to cover some topics in the health industry that I find interesting, influential and potentially controversial. In a country with growing health concerns, it is important to understand that while there is a lot of great health and fitness information available, there is also a lot of misinformation. In this blog I will be covering topics related to fitness, health and wellness and how the media’s influence in our society affects how this information is distributed to consumers. Read on to find out more about social media and it’s influence, and my passion for the health and fitness industry. I promise to deliver factual information in what I hope to be an interesting and potentially humorous manner! "I enjoy running, and spend most of my time running around"
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